E97 Entertainment Companies, as a Collective, is the 1 Stop Shop for All Arts & Entertainment needs, Wether the needs be Photography, Video Production, Website Design, Graphic Designs for Flyers, Logos, Album Covers, or Business Cards. Aside from the Aforementioned Creations, E97 Entertainment Companies have been known for Artist Development/Management, Event Pruduction/Planning, and Venue Space too.

E97 Entertainment began it's journey in 2010 as the La La Brea's Headquarters, which was an over 4,000 sq ft Loft, Upstairs overlooking La Brea Avenue, with over 4 Rooms, a Photography/Videography Studio, a Stage, Kitchen, Arts Gallery, and a Fashion Boutique, all in 1 Place, with Access to other Facilities throughout Southern California 
Now, Based at CFN Broadcasting Network, in the Heart of Dallas, TX, With a worldwide Reach, E97 Entertainment's CRE8ORS CLUB is still Growing

Mission Statement: The Mission of E97 Entertainment Companies is 2 fold. It is to Bring Diversity to the City and to over power low Income Living, by using all Forms of Arts and Entertainment to Teach, Council, and to Raise Awareness in the Community, causing the City to become a Positive Example to inner City Communities all over the Nation

Company Goals and Objectives: The Ultimate Goal of E97 Entertainment Companies is to be a Beacon of Light in inner cities that have, for Ages, had a dark cloud of negative stigma. The Ultimate Objective of E97 Entertainment Companies is to see Artists in the inner cities having a 
Steady Outlet to Showcase their Positive Talents, Skills, or Desires, ultimately Branching out getting them recognition outside the Walls of the City

Business Philosophy: "Embracing Diversity and Providing an Outlet, to Create a Community for Positive, Progressive, Social Change"
The Arts and Entertainment Industry Opportunities are immensely concentrated in in wealthy areas such as Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, but there are under represented Artistic Entertainers in inner city areas. So, E97 Entertainment Companies plan to take Advantage of that situation by Creating Opportunities for underepresented Artists to have an outlet to Discover, Sharpen, Showcase their diverse range of Talents  

The Founders of E97 Entertainment Companies, all have an Extensive Background in Film, Television, Radio, Fashion, Business Development, Marketing, Promotions, Event Planning, Modeling, Acting, Music Production, Theater, Dance, Non Profit Sector, Wellness, and Community Building, with Degrees, Certifications, Licensing, or Work Experience to back it all Up, Making E97 Companies a Strong Positive force to Represent the Raw Artists 


The concept of the modeling casting agency is to solicit our clients to the various programs we have available. For video and photo we will do head shots, fashion spreads, and video skits. We will have a dedicated backdrop and green screen room to utilize and expand on the portfolios of our clients. We will also pull clothes to style our clients in from the clothing boutique. The types of videos we will produce are short films and music videos for upcoming actors and artists with positive images and message. We do not shoot the films here at the building, but we do edit and post product here. The other things we do film wise is we seek to digitize  the advertisements of local businesses. We have teamed up with a community newspaper and we will be creating  a digital directory that will decrease the advertising pollution in the streets of Inglewood. We are placing the new products of designers in store to create a fan base for the designer to support their work. The resident agency allows us to increase and distribute our network through various businesses. In addition to La La Brea we also have Green Inglewood Program and The Manhood Camp which are community based organizations to enlighten the community in various ways. Green Inglewood Program is where we volunteer every Sunday to clean up our streets of Inglewood. The Manhood Camp goes into different high schools and mentor at risk youths and teaches them the principles of becoming a man from the prospective of father to son. This includes cooking, proper hygiene, anger management and problem resolution, all the way to how to change a tire. There is a 5 week curriculum for the student and they graduate with certificates. In short we feel like all these companies working together in one location will increase efficiency. 

La La Brea also Housed a Non Profit Auxiliary Called, The Sharing to Perform the Clean Up Inglewood Program Called Green Inglewood, an Engagement to have Inglewood Youth Participate in Cleaning Up the City of Inglewood

Also, La La Brea’s The Sharing Mentored young Los Angeles boys on how to become Men, Teaching them how to Change Tires, how to Respect Women, and how to Make themselves Presentable for Careers

La La Brea worked with All Green Electronics Recycling to Host large scale Electronic Waste Recycling Events that were Made for the Ease of Southern California Residents and Business to Properly dispose of their old Electronics, that will be Properly separated for parts in the All Green Warehouse, to be Recycled, without ever ending Up in 3rd world Areas or land-fields. All are more than Welcomed to Attend these Events, for more information, Visit 
All Green Electronics Recycling 

La La Brea also Partnered With the Non Profit Organization, The ROC, to use La La Brea’s Location as a Host Site where all who are Hungry can come to Receive Free, Fresh, Name Brand Groceries, all while Local Gospel Choirs are Performing, Brief Inspirational Messages are Given, all through a Program Called Feed The Whole, or Through Various Outoor programs Such as Ladies Live

E97 Entertainment Company Host Events, where Free HIV Testing take Place, On Site, to Break the fear Around testing. 

Fashion, Modeling

La La Brea Houses the E97 Entertainment Company Casting Agency, an Agency that helps Aspiring Models and Actors with Photo Shoots, Hair Stylists, Make Up, and Building Portfolios, Presentable to the Mainstream of the Entertainment Industry, while also finding them Work, the basic Agency Representation to the Industry 

La La Brea also Houses the New La La Brea Boutique, which is a New Clothing Store Featuring some of the Hottest Designs from Southern California’s Hottest Fresh Clothing Designers. La La Brea Embraces Diversity and Quality, which is why La La Brea is Very careful with what Fashion Pieces are sold in the Store and how they are Positioned 

La La Brea Provides a Venue for Local Music Artists to Perform in front of other Musicians, Vocalists, AR, Engineers,  and Producer
La La Brea is also the La La Brea Gallery, where locals can Showcase their Artworkrom Paintings, Sculptures, Films, Graphic Designs, to Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Jewelry, and Literature, to be Showcased and so
La La Brea also Offers Affordable Office or Studio Spaces for anyone in the Community who needs a Space to Act as an Office, Meeting Space, or Studio, for Dance, Theater Practices or Auditions, Music, and any other Forms of the Arts

La La Brea holds Stand Up Comedy Showcases, Karaoke, Dance Classes, Open Mic Evenings, and Corporate Mixers

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